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Antonia Kim Charles


Antonia Kim Charles has over a decade of experience in Criminal Defence. She specialises in murder, firearms, sex offences, fraud and drug matters and is an expert in Prison Law. Over the years she has built up an impressively large client base, spanning a wide variety of different cases. She has experience of managing some of the largest and most complex criminal cases in the country. In addition, she has experience of representing clients from almost all sections of the community. 


She commits to a high level of involvement in her cases at all stages of the process, from attending initial interviews at the police station to the final verdict. Antonia's cases come from referrals and recommendations. She is passionate about her work and committed to achieving the best results for her clients. She is well-known for her down-to-earth approach and excellent client-care. She defends her clients fearlessly with precision and determination. 


Antonia Kim Charles can also provide advice on how to effectively manage prison sentences, so that her clients can progress to open prisons at the earliest opportunity and has expertise on all other aspects of Prison Law, including: Parole, Adjudication, Categorisation, Category A Reviews, IEP, HDC, RoTL, Licence Recall and Licence Condition issues. She also represents many female clients at Bronzefield prison. 


As a public speaker, Antonia gives talks to both businesses and educational establishments on subjects ranging from law and legal compliance, effective communication skills and female career progression. She also provides mentoring to young people from her home area through schools and other youth programmes. 


 Antonia is on the stop and search Panel. 




G v R: Successfully resisting a double jeopardy application before the Court of appeal to retry a defendant acquitted of murder base upon Super Grass evidence.


R v C: Southwark Crown Court, represented a defendant accused of killing best friend through stabbing outside London nightclub. Defendant acquitted despite extensive CCTV footage.


R v CE: Represented defendant accused of assisting offender for murder following deadly gunfight resulting in murder and bloodshed at the Carnival, Bristol. Case involved complex ballistic evidence and extensive CCTV evidence. 


R v R & others: 4 Defendants charged with murder of a visitor outside Wandsworth Prison in 2009, widely reported in National Press and TV.


Attempted Murder:

R v R & Others: Feud between two rivals escalates into a street fight, whereupon the Defendant pulls out firearm and shoots an innocent bystander.


GBH with Intent:

London Riots Cases 2012

Organised fights between rival gangs in estates and parks

Gangland torture: hot iron to chest and cigarette burning on the skin


Firearms Offences

R v P 2013: Armed robbery


R v A: Carjacking with firearm

Rape and other serious sexual offences


R v KE & Others:

Defendant acquitted of multiple defendant ‘gang rape.’ Involved lengthy cross-examination on the issue of consent.


Drug Offences

Wide number of cases involving conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs.


Sports-Related Cases

Kim has experience in handling footballers facing criminal allegations and is sensitive to ways in which suggested criminal activity has an impact upon clubs and/or players’ agents, who have direct responsibility for the conduct of their players and/or clients. She is often instructed to advice pre-charge in an attempt to prevent criminal proceedings being instituted.

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