Initial Consultation (for any case)*

Costs: £0 -£100

Types of Application/Claim (Excluding Appeals & Advocacy)**

Level 1 Applications:

  • Travel Documents

  • Replacement Residence Permits (BRP, NTL)

Costs: £300-£500

Level 2 Applications:

  • Visit Visa

  • Naturalisation/Citizenship

  • EEA/EU residence and permanent residence

Costs: £500-£800

Level 3 Applications:

  • Family reunion

  • Spouse, partner, civil or unmarried partners of non-EU nationals

  • Parent route applications

  • Dependent child Visas

  • Student Visas

  • Long residence in the UK

Costs: £500-£1000

Level 4 Applications:

  • Adult Dependent Relatives

  • Points based system applications

  • Immigration Bail


Costs: £600-£1500

Level 5 Applications:

  • Asylum claims

  • Human rights applications

Costs: £750-£1200

Level 6 Applications:

All other applications including –

  • Deportation

  • Judicial Review upto permission stage on that papers (excluding Counsel’s fees)

Costs: £750-£1200


Completing and submitting an appeal form

Costs: £400

Completing and submitting an application for Administrative Review


Costs: £400-£600

All Appeals – preparation of case (excluding advocacy)


Costs: £750-£1500

  • Advocacy – FEE PER HEARING (including travel time and expenses)

  • Case Management Review Hearing /Directions Hearings in Manchester, Birmingham , Newport & Nottingham

Costs: £400


Full Hearing in Manchester, Newport, Birmingham & Nottingham


Costs: £600

Hearings at other venues to be discussed on request.

Counsel can be instructed upon request. Counsel’s fees would then need to be negotiated on an individual basis.

Hourly Rate

We also provide an hourly rate service. The hourly rate for our senior solicitor, Mr Naga Kandiah is £450 per hour. 

Certain complex cases fees will vary, depending on complexity.

NB – All fees are exclusive of VAT which is applied at the current rate of 20% (totals shown above).


All disbursements will need to be paid for separately in addition to the fees for our services. Examples of disbursements include home office/visa application fees, court application fees, postage, interpreting/translation services, medical reports fees, expert report fees, mileage/travel expenses etc. This is not an exhaustive list and is meant purely as a guide.

You can view the current UK Visa fees timetable by the Home Office here:

 **Applications for more than one individual will be charged at an extra 50% per application for each additional person.




We cannot guarantee how long the Home Office will take to process your application. We will usually be able to submit your application within 1-3 weeks after instruction, however, this could also depend on the need to obtain further documents. However, if your case is urgent we will discuss with you in our initial consultation of the practicalities in meeting deadlines and will agree an action plan.

Visa processing

The timescales in immigration and visa matters are mostly dependent on the Home Office and their processing time. Guidance and current processing times for the Home Office can be found at this link for applications made inside the UK and outside the UK:

Issuance of Biometric Residence Permits are usually received within 7 workings of the decision being made on an application.



Once an asylum application has been made a decision is usually received within 6 months. However, this may be more depending on the Home Office's internal timescales. More details can be found at this link: