We have a particular focus on representing Drill and Grime artists

Our main area of expertise is criminal defence and prison law. We regularly deal with some of the most serious offences including gang-related crimes, murder and large-scale drug dealing. We also have experience in fraud and financial crime cases, including asset forfeiture and proceeds of crime. We assist with obtaining legal-aid in criminal matters.

We are tackling the pressing issue of how the criminal justice system is blocking freedom of speech.

Unlike other firms in our industry, we do not view our clients as merely case numbers; each and every client has a unique relationship with the firm and we provide a bespoke service for each and everyone. We have represented clients in minor matters where we have gone above and beyond what is expected or can be billed by the firm by holding regular visits and meetings in order to ensure the client is satisfied with the service. Our staff members always act flexibly in terms of client care by making extra time for meeting to merely discuss their concerns. Other competitors operate on a client-quantity model where they can only meet a client for a set time once or twice as they are focused on signing up as many new clients as possible. In order to run their operation they provide a generic service based on a 'need to know' basis which makes it convenient for the firm but may not instil the high level of trust we garner from our clients.

We are at the forefront of defending drill and grime artists.

Our specific expertise that we are rapidly developing is in representing young clients who are part of the ‘trap’ and ‘drill’ music scene, who are often caught in between gang-related violence and pursuing their musical career.

Why do clients choose us?

We prioritise excellent client care and our commitment to achieving a just outcome for all. Our client base has steadily grown over the years through referrals and recommendations, which is in large part due to our practitioners’ close-ties with local communities.


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