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MTC are finalists at LALY 2022!

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Legal Aid Practitioners Group confirm MTC are finalists in the 2022 Awards

The LAPG has announced MTC Solicitors as one of the finalists for the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Award 2022 (#LALY). It is a huge honour to be nationally recognised for our outstanding achievements in the field, especially as a legal aid law firm.

MTC Solicitors has been striving for years to achieve social justice alongside legal representation. This has included the immense work done in recent years representing clients who are victims of modern slavery.

MTC's clients have been accused in the past from murder to shoplifting and everything in between. Each time, MTC has provided the same energy and determination in achieving the best outcome for the client, regardless of their means.

We are humbled to be shortlisted again by the LAPG and wish everyone the best of luck in the coming awards ceremony in London.

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