Samir Pasha

Senior Caseworker

Samir Pasha is a legal professional that works closely in partnership with lawyers specialising in Extradition, Human Rights and Criminal Law. 


He successfully qualified as a barrister (unregistered) and was a Middle Temple Scholar recipient. Samir was also a Human Rights Law Association bursary winner for his work in the West Bank, occupied Palestinian Territory, and holds a Masters from the University of Oxford specialising in Modern South Asia.

Samir has over 9 years' experience working in the legal profession from large corporate firms to high street practices. He has also worked as a civil servant for the Serious Fraud Office, having received a commendation from the Director of the Serious Fraud Office for his investigative work. He specialises in all types of serious and financial crime, having gained experience from both investigation and prosecution side and the defence side. Samir has assisted on the legal teams of some of the world's largest fraud and corruption cases, from both sides and understands what steps are required to build a strong case.

Samir has also assisted in human rights and international law matters. He was awarded the Human Rights Law Association Award for his work in Palestine, researching and working on International Humanitarian Law matters. He is currently assisting on an international prosecution investigation under an eminent international prosecutor in the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. 

Samir regularly represent clients at police stations, and represented asylum and refugee applicants against the Home Office.


Samir specialises in extradition cases, and currently represents clients facing extradition for serious offences, including human trafficking. He works closely with European lawyers to provide a complete legal service.