Sheku Kamara

Mr Kamara is a specialist consultant solicitor with a passion for excellence. He is regularly instructed to represent clients in complex criminal cases. His work covers a wide range of offences including, Murder, Attempted Murder, Serious Fraud Offences, County Line Drug Cases- including Class A drugs Importation, Sexual Offences, Robbery, Violent Crimes, Theft and Domestic Violence Matters. Mr Kamara is driven by a spirit of success, and works passionately beyond expectation to provide great results for clients. His relationship with clients, especially juveniles is outstanding and highly commendable. 


His achievements since he has been in the legal profession speak for themselves. His advocacy is second to none as he untangles complex issues for the understanding and admiration of his clients and the court.

Mr Kamara is an expert in Police Station Representations. His records in obtaining ‘No Further Actions’ at police stations in matters he deals with is unbeatable. He is one of the national record holders for obtaining ’No Further Actions’ at police station. 


Mr Kamara has also been dealing with immigration and Asylum matters. In 2013, Mr Kamara was the instructing solicitor in a complex deportation matter at the Upper Tribunal. The Secretary of State’s approach in aggregating Mr Kamara’s client cumulative sentences (who was to be deported) was wrong. It was Mr Kamara who through a year long battle provided a case law, which eventually exposed the Secretary of State’s wrongful approach in dealing with the issue. The Secretary of State had to change the rules in relation to suspended sentences.


Mr Kamara has received recognition in 2013 from Her Majesty the Queen for his outstanding contributions and services to the Sierra Leone UK community.


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