Extradition can happen, which is why we are prepared to assist and represent in such cases.



Our extradition lawyers are esteemed as experts in the field. Against the steepest odds, our knowledge and experience between us, we have won cases for our clients.

We are committed to get our clients a favourable result. We push boundaries, as we get creative with solving each problem in a tailormade way. Each and every case is backed by the same heart behind it.

With MTC Solicitors on your side, you can be rest assured that your case will be prepared and advanced by professionals who have secured the discharge of numerous clients wanted all over the world.



How can I stop extradition?

How can we help?

There are a number of means by which we have prevented our client’s extradition.

First, it is vital to have a comprehensive technical understanding of the law in relation to the information which must be contained in an extradition request. The law in extradition is perpetually evolving and it is therefore imperative to keep abreast of developments.

Next, it is important to investigate the potential bars to extradition set out in the Extradition Act 2003. For instance, where extradition would result in “oppression” as a result of the passage of time, it is barred.

It is also imperative to explore whether any less coercive alternatives to extradition can be arranged. We have been successful in negotiating such outcomes with judicial authorities in numerous jurisdictions.

Finally, it is crucial to consider whether extradition is compatible with human rights. This is another aspect of extradition law that continually developing.


We can help you challenge an Arrest Warrant issued on any one of the following grounds:

  • Prosecution for a criminal offence in a foreign jurisdiction

  • Sentencing for a criminal conviction

  • Serving a sentence that has already been imposed

It is extremely important to seek advice from a specialist lawyer as soon as you are aware that a European or International Arrest Warrant might be issued against you.  Whatever the jurisdiction, with MTC at your side you can be sure of the strongest legal defence being prepared on your behalf.

Our extradition lawyers will be able to advise you on a competitive fixed fees basis or affordable hourly rates.  If you need advice about your extradition matter, contact MTC Solicitors for a no-obligation consultation without delay.

How does extradition work?

What is the process?

Extradition is the process by which those who are wanted in another country, whether to serve a sentence of imprisonment or to stand trial for a criminal offense, are sought.

For the purposes of extradition, in general terms, the world is divided into two parts: European Union countries and countries outside the EU.


For requests from another EU country, a standardized and streamlined procedure is used whereby requests are made in the form of a European Arrest Warrant.


For requests from outside the EU, more information is required than that typically contained in a European Arrest Warrant. In some instances, specific bilateral arrangements are in place (notably, the United States).