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Immigration &

With regards to our immigration practice, we offer expertise on a full range of:

  • Public law

  • Immigration and asylum issues

  • Applications for entry clearance/leave to remain

  • Asylum claims

  • Human rights issue and appeals

  • Deportation appeals

  • Immigration bail applications

  • Judicial review in the Upper Tribunal and High Court

We are best known for representing Sri Lankan asylum seekers. We also cover other conflict regions, such as Somalia, Syria and Iraq. We work in conjunction with Freedom from Torture, Medical Justice and other external organisations to compile the strongest case our clients deserve.

We represented the first Windrush client who was unlawfully threatened with removal by the Home Office. We have always sought to represent the most vulnerable to the highest standard, and our ability to defend and raise this now-nationally recognised issue shows our immigration department is at the forefront of its field.


In addition, we have represented cases which have sought to develop country guidance reports and case law.


We have developed a reputation for having a considerable success rate in successfully dealing with complex Home Office matters, refused applications and appeals by previous solicitors. We have re-opened cases which were previously continuously lost by previous solicitors, or who had acted negligently or been careless. 


We have been particularly successful in securing British Citizenship on behalf of stateless children and securing leave to remain for families with children who are British Citizens/have spent a considerable proportion of their lives in the United Kingdom.

Our attention to detail and preparation is second to none when compared with the majority of our competitors. Every case is meticulously prepared which has resulted in judicial compliments on the presentation and preparation of our cases.


A High Court judge remarked:

“It would appear clear that his present firm of solicitors (Naga Kandiah) have undertaken a degree of due diligence not always seen, by checking out the veracity of some documents the Appellant has provided.”

Other judicial feedback we have received relates to the level of detail and preparation of our appeal bundles, one Tribunal Judge stated:

“The appellant’s bundle is meticulously indexed and subdivided and runs to a total of 360 pages.”

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