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Drill music has become one of the most popular and successful genre in music. It has attracted avid listeners across the globe, and the UK has produced some of the finest and most well-known artists. 

MTC Solicitors have not only been representing drill artists accused of crimes, but have also been leading the challenge and debate of the use of drill lyrics in prosecutions as evidence, combating Criminal Behaviour Orders and challenging police methods of handling drill lyrics.

We successfully hosted one of the country's first legal conference on the use of drill music lyrics and its implications in court, as a law firm. As a result, we are not only on the forefront as experts on handling drill artists in criminal cases, but also have in-depth experience in tackling the challenges to young music artists.

We are at the forefront of defending drill and grime artists.

We are the preferred lawyers for drill and other artists in the industry for defending against criminal investigation and prosecution.

We have strong industry links working with companies like YouTube and Sony Music, to develop case strategy, provide legal training and manage client cases with a view to encouraging and continuing to support careers in the music industry. 

In every case where we represent a client from the music industry we build upon our vast experience with the industry to develop effective communication to obtain evidence to support the client, remove legal hurdles such as remand or CBOs, and advocate outside the courtroom for the policy reform in partnership with industry leaders.

Our clients have chosen us as the preferred lawyers for defending them in allegations of crime, whether it is large-scale drugs or weapons offences, to public order offences.

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