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Wills &
Name Change Deed


We have experience in drafting wills for clients. 

It does not matter what your age is, making a will is always a sensible idea.

We are able to provide guidance and advice beforehand.


Name Change Deed

There may be a number of reasons why a name needs to be

changed. Whether for a minor or major reason, we can assist you in changing your name. You must be over 16 years of age and must not be changing your name for any fraudulent reason. 

We can guide and assist in drafting a Change of Name Deed, which can serve as a faster and cheaper alternative to a Deed Poll application. 

The timescale varies and is dependent on a range of factors, such as obtaining evidence, complexity of evidence, quantity of evidence, availability of courts, number of co-defendants and the timetable set down by the court in the case.

Due to COVID-19, there has been a well documented backlog in the criminal courts of cases, and therefore dates for hearings may be longer than expected, and may be removed last minute by the court if there is no availability to accommodate by the courts.

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