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Antonia Charles secures another two unanimous acquittals of s18 GBH charges for the same client

Antonia Charles of MTC & Roy Headlam of Furnival Chambers successfully represented a client who was unanimously acquitted of two Section 18 Woundings.

Both charges involved the use of knives.

The first acquittal was after a 4 week cut-throat trial at Isleworth Crown Court.

The co-defendant’s case was that our client pulled out a large knife, repeatedly stabbed and effectively ‘gutted’ the victim, causing life threatening injuries when he refused to hand over his bag.

Moreover that he was unaware that the client had a knife.

The client was said by the Prosecution to be seen on CCTV running away from the scene carrying the knife.

However close examination of the CCTV, effective cross-examination of the complainant & witnesses exposed inconsistencies which led to the acquittal of the Defendant.

The second Section 18 wounding trial at Inner London Crown Court involved the same client and his friends in a fight between a youth on a crowded train who was armed with a ‘Zobbie knife’ who sustained a number of injuries / wounds.

The client successfully ran ‘Self Defence’ before the Jury.

Ms Antonia Charles of MTC Solicitors instructed and prepared for both cases.

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