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A niche law firm with expertise in criminal defence, prison law, and extradition. 

Over 25 years' experience - Criminal Defence Specialists


MTC Solicitors is a niche law firm with expertise in criminal defence, prison law, immigration law and extradition. We deal with some of the most serious offences murder, fraud & financial crimes, gang-related crimes and large-scale drug crimes. 


We assist with obtaining legal aid in criminal matters. 


Clients instruct us as they know our team will do the upmost to get the best result. Clients recommend us as they know we deliver a phenomenal service.

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How Can We Help?

3 Masefield House, Stafford Road, London, NW6 5YU

Tel: 020 7624 4300

Fax: 020 7624 3800

Emergency number: 079 5630 8127

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Our Cases

Following a lengthy 9 - week trial at the Old Bailey, our client was acquitted of a joint enterprise murder and 2 counts of s18 GBH... Read More

Our client was charged with a number of offences related to facilitating travel with a view to exploitation, meeting a girl under 16 years following grooming and engaging in sexual activity with a child... Read More

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