Eldred Taylor-Camara

Criminal Caseworker

Eldred joined MTC in 2018. A criminal caseworker, he  assists our team of solicitors in a range of complex matters as well as managing his own caseload within both Crown and Magistrates court departments.  He prepares cases for trials sentences and Appeals.  This involves, meeting clients and taking instructions drafting proofs and advising clients on their case, Instructing Counsel, expert witnesses, and liaising with the CPS requesting disclosure of evidence, assisting client’s with applications for funding, locating witnesses, undertaking site visits, considering CCTV ; all to ensure the smooth and thorough progression of the case load. 


Eldred is dedicated to providing a professional service and ensuring his clients are supported and informed throughout the course of their case. 


  • University of Nottingham - 2013-2016 - LLB Law (Hons.)

  • University of Law, London - 2016-2017 - MSc in Law, Business and Management