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MTC successfully defends protester charged with criminal damage

A client charged with possession 8 bottles of red paint, water balloons and a funnel was acquitted following a trial.

The client was arrested and charged in relation to a protest that occurred last year outside the London headquarters of one of the largest Israeli arms firms.

After a contested trial the client was acquitted completely.

This was a highly pressurised case which covered detailed points of evidence and procedural law, along with protest law.

MTC Solicitors has continued to fight for social justice and this acquittal is testament to the dedication and meticulous preparation required to win such an important case.

Sam March of 9 KBW was instructed as counsel.

MTC Solicitors accept instructions in protest law and regularly defend protestors at various different protests across the country. MTC have provided legal observers to protests such as the Black Lives Matters demonstrations, and have become a go-to for anyone arrested whilst protesting.

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